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What is Workplace Health and why is it important?

Workplace health is a comprehensive and integrated approach to health which focuses on the general population at a workplace and the organization as a whole. It addresses a broad range of health issues including physical and psychosocial, environment, health practices, personal resources, etc. through programs, policies and practices.

There are three major aspects covered by workplace health. Occupational Health and safety. Programs which focus on preventing injuries or illness and eliminating hazards. Healthy Choices. Traditional health promotion activities at work which encourage overall health and wellness (e.g. programs on active living, stress management, heart and health nutrition). Organizational health. Management practice and strategies that focus on culture, relationships, and values within the workplace.

Benefits to the workplace include:

  • Less turnover, absenteeism, etc
  • Better able to cope with stress, change
  • Improved morale
  • Increased productivity, job satisfaction
  • Fewer injuries
  • Increased retention and recruitment
  • Improve company image and culture