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How can a workplace health program be developed?

In an organization, workplace health initiatives can include policies, programs or practices. Practitioners and workplaces can follow 7 basic steps when creating a workplace health program.

  1. Take Ownership and Leadership and Get Support from the "Top"
    Find people who are prepared, willing and interested as well as those with decision-making authority. These people may even be a workplace committee made up of both management and workers.

  2. Get Support from Everyone
    Union/Worker Representatives, Management, Health & Safety, Human Resources, Employee Assistance Provider (EAP), Medical or Occupational Health Staff and Local Health Groups.

  3. Current Activities / Baseline Data
    Acknowledge current or informal activities already in the organization.
    Baseline information must be collected before program starts in order to track changes/trends or to determine the benefits of the program.

  4. Key Needs and Expectations
    Ask people what they want. You need to find out what are the employees’ needs, attitudes and preference resources.

  5. Develop a Detailed Plan
    Based on steps one to four, set your aims and goals for the program in order to organize and deliver your program effectively

  6. Put your Plan into Action
    Communicate your program to everyone. Vary your how your program is promoted and formally introduce corporate policies of the workplace health program. Include training and other support for employees.

  7. Monitor, Evaluate and Maintain
    Build into your program ways to monitor its acceptance, progress and results.