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Ergonomics is matching the job to the worker and product to the user.Discover resources on workplace design and considerations, work-related musculoskeletal disorders, related risks, and helpful exercises.

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Each year, the last day of February is reserved for International RSI Awareness Day to take the opportunity to help raise awareness about RSIs and the need for action aimed at prevention.


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Office Ergonomics e-course

Learn to identify and find solutions to workplace ergonomic issues with this informative, cost-effective e-course


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Ergonomics - Human Factors

  • Lifting, Wrist Rests,
  • Computer Mouse, Back Belts, Sitting, Standing...

Occupations & Workplaces

  • Carpenter, Cook, Fire Fighter, Hotel Laundry, Landscaper, Painter...

Health & Safety Programs

  • Accident Investigation,
  • Health & Safety Committees,
  • OHS Policy Statement...

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