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The purpose of this Guideline is to (a) assist users of footwear and their employers in the proper selection of the best footwear protection available for their particular working environment and specific job functions; (b) assist employers, safety committees, and workers in identification of potential risks and hazards requiring protective footwear in their workplace; (c) assist employers and safety committees in establishing and maintaining safety footwear programs that meet the requirements of reasonable care (due diligence) and continuous improvement in the prevention of injuries; and (d) provide users with helpful tips for the proper selection, maintenance, and disposal of safety footwear, including personal hygiene practices. Note: While it is recognized that protective footwear plays a major role in injury prevention, users should be aware that personal protective equipment is only part of an overall foot protection program. Other important components include reduction of hazards through engineering solutions, work planning and organization to limit exposure, and administrative contro ls.