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This part of ISO 9241

- establishes image quality requirements for VDTs used in luminous environments that may cause reflections from the screen. The requirements are stated as performance or design specificati ons, and test methods are provided.

- applies to the ergonomic design of direct-view electronic displays for office tasks, including such activities as data e ntry, text processing and interactive inquiry. Office tasks are performed indoors, without exposure to direct sunlight. The recommendations can possibly be appropriate for other tasks, including process control, graphic design and computer-aided design, but their applicability has not been established.

- applies to monochrome and multicolour displays. The following displays and similar types are excluded from the scope of this part of ISO 9241: multi-user projection displays, transparent displays and virtual image displays.

- applies to VDTs for which its test method is suitable. The test method is limited to VDTs whose colour and/or luminance contrast does not vary strongly as a function of the viewing direction, and whose reflection properties do not vary as a function of the logical state of the screen. The test method is suitable for emissive VDT technologies, such as cathode ray tube s, and some flat panels.

NOTE - VDTs using display devices for which the test method of this part of ISO 9241 is not suitable (for example, liquid crystal dis plays) are directed to ISO 13406-2.