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This is the fifth edition of CSA M669, Lighting and marking of agricultural equipment on highways, which is an adoption without modification of the identically titled ANSI/ASAE (American National Standards Institute/American Society of Agricultural Engineers) Standard S279.15 SEP2010. It supersedes the previous edition, published in 2004, which was an adoption of ANSI/ASAE Standard S279.12 DEC02.

In conjunction with the adoption of this new edition of ANSI/ASAE S279, CSA is also withdrawing CAN/CSA-M663-92, Seven-Pin Electrical Connector and Cable for Agricultural Towing/Towed Equipment. The technical content of CAN/CSA-M663-92 is now addressed in this new edition of CSA M669.


This Standard provides specifications for lighting and marking of agricultural equipment whenever such equipment is operating or is traveling on a highway.