Month: March 2013

Evolving Technologies

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Celebrating the CCOHS Disc Information Service

Celebrating the CCOHS Disc Information Service, which ran from 1987 – 2013

CCOHS surpassed a significant milestone in its technological history as it celebrated the last shipment of the MSDS DVD this past week.  It represented our transition to a new era of technological development – recognition that Canadians are accessing information differently and we have to respond proactively with innovation.

Our discs were at the forefront of technology when CCOHS first released them in 1987. In fact, we offered CD-ROM readers for lease or purchase with our CD products, in response to clients who did not have the necessary technology to access the information on the discs.  Now, we are again incorporating current and emerging technologies and innovation with online versions of our databases and other programs, progressive web portals, downloadable versions of packages for clients with inconsistent internet service, social media tools, and mobile apps.

These apps, along with mobile accessible versions of our services, will provide our stakeholders with additional options when it comes to the retrieval of OSH information.  Our products need to be accurate, current and easily accessible to all – and our ability to anticipate and embrace technological trends is critical to ensuring that this continues to happen.