Charts related to the Report's Financial statements and financial statements highlights

CCOHS – Total Cost Recovery Revenues and Parliamentary Authorities

CCOHS Funding from Parliamentary Authorities 35%
CCOHS Cost Recovery Revenues - Fiscal year 2021-22 30%
CCOHS Cost Recovery Cash Revenues - Authorities carried forward for use from prior fiscal years pursuant to section 6(1)(g) of the CCOHS Act 35%

CCOHS Funding from Parliamentary Authorities

Vote 1 – Program Expenditures 83%
Statutory – Employee Benefits Plan 17%

CCOHS Cost Recovery Revenues, Fiscal Year 2021-22

Chemical Services Revenue 3.0%
General Health and Safety Services Revenue 19.8%
Training and Education Services Revenue 42.3%
Communications Services Revenue 0.6%
Inquiries Jurisdictional Funding 6.8%
Project Revenue 8.7%
Business Development/Public Health Partnership 18.7%
Other 0.1%