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About the Health and Safety Canada Mailing List


HS-Canada is a means of distributing messages to a group of individuals with interests in occupational health and safety in a Canadian context. Although the list is intended primarily for Canadians, anyone with an interest in Canadian occupational health and safety issues is welcome to subscribe. Messages may be sent in English or French.

List moderators

Messages sent to HS-Canada may relate to any occupational or environmental health and safety topic specific to Canada, specific to one or more provinces or territories, or of interest to people working in health and safety in Canada.

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) provides the facilities for this mailing list, but is in no way responsible for the accuracy or content of information exchanged among list subscribers.

How to Subscribe/Unsubcribe


To subscribe to HS-Canada, send e-mail to The body of the message should be:

subscribe hs-canada

If you would like to subscribe to the digest version of the list instead (i.e. receive one message a day, containing all of the previous days messages), the body of the message should be

subscribe digest hs-canada


If you would like to be removed from the list, send e-mail to The body of the message should be :

unsubscribe hs-canada

Please do not send unsubscribe messages to

How to Send Messages to the List

Once you have subscribed, you can send messages to all list subscribers by addressing an e-mail message to

The following points of "Netiquette" and the "Technical Details" are a compilation of requests received from HS-Canada subscribers.


Appropriate Messages on HS-Canada

HS-Canada is for the professional exchange of ideas and information related to occupational and environmental health and safety in a Canadian context, or of interest to people working in health and safety in Canada. The list is not intended as a soapbox for promoting causes, nor is it meant for airing personal complaints against individuals and organizations. If you want information or advice about a specific situation, describe the situation in a non-judgmental way. If you cannot do so without using defamatory statements about individuals or organizations, do not post the message to this list.

If you send an off-topic message, a message containing defamatory statements, or a message deemed by the list owner to be inappropriate, he/she will send you private e-mail informing you that your message is inappropriate for this list, and asking you not to send such messages in the future. If you send another such message, your right to send messages to the list will be revoked.

If you are unsure whether a message is appropriate for the list or not, send it privately to Krista Travers at


At a minimum, please add your name, affiliation, geographical location and e-mail address at the end of messages sent to the list. Your e-mail address alone may not identify you clearly, and may not be visible to some message recipients. Subscribers are more likely to take your requests for information and your statements seriously if they know who you are. Most e-mail software packages allow you to create "signature files" for this very purpose.

Posting and Responding to Job Ads

Organizations and agencies are welcome to submit OSH-related job advertisements open to people in Canada. If you are posting a job advertisement, please include an e-mail address and/or phone number where interested individuals can contact you privately.
If you are replying to an advertisement, please do not send your reply to Reply directly to the organization that has posted the advertisement.

Upcoming Health and Safety-Related Conferences, Meetings and Courses

Announcements about upcoming events are welcome. Please note that if there is any charge associated with the event please type COMMERCIAL: at the beginning of the subject line. One notice per event please!

Commercial Notices

Information about commercial health and safety-related products and services is acceptable. Advertising is not. If you provide or know about a product or service that you feel might be of interest to list subscribers, provide a brief description of the product or service, and details about where interested parties can get more information (e.g. e-mail and/or WWW address, phone number).

If you post a commercial message, type COMMERCIAL: at the beginning of the subject line.


When your message includes abbreviations or acronyms, please indicate what those abbreviations or acronyms stand for. What is obvious to you may be a complete mystery to someone reading your message.


When asking questions related to regulations and/or legislative interpretations, please indicate the jurisdiction that you want to know about. When giving an opinion or information about such a question, please indicate what jurisdiction your response refers to.

Forwarding Messages from Other Mailing Lists

Many subscribers receive messages from more than one mailing list. There may be times when you see a message on another list that you think might be appropriate for HS-Canada. If the message is an announcement of a conference, a new publication, a new web site, etc. that might be of interest to HS-Canada subscribers, it is acceptable to "cross-post" to HS-Canada. It would be advisable to wait until the day after you see the announcement on another list, in case someone else has already cross-posted the message.

Please do not cross-post requests for information from other lists, as the responses from HS-Canada subscribers will probably not reach the person asking the question.

Technical Details

When You Are Going to be Away

If you are going to be away from your e-mail for a period of time, and if your e-mail software has an autoreply function (i.e. the ability to automatically generate messages to the effect of "I'm going to be out of the office until such and such a date"), please unsubscribe from HS-Canada before using autoreply. Otherwise, all the HS-Canada subscribers will receive multiple copies of your "I'm going to be out of the office" message.

No Confirm Reading or Confirm Delivery

If you use Pegasus Mail or another e-mail software package with Confirm Reading and/or Confirm Delivery options, please ensure that they are switched off when you send a message to HS-Canada. Otherwise, a number of Confirm Reading and/or Confirm Delivery messages will be send to all list members.

File Attachments

File attachments cannot be sent to HS-Canada. Please use plain text within the body of the message only.

Quoting URLS

When pointing people to a web site, please enter the address in the form rather than If the first format is used, many e-mail packages will allow the message recipient to click on the address. The recipients web browser will load and access the referenced site directly.

Any further questions about the list should be directed to the list owner, Krista Travers (