G4-09 (R2014) - Steel wire rope for general purpose and for mine hoisting and mine haulage




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This is the seventh edition of CSA G4, Steel wire rope for general purpose and for mine hoisting and mine haulage. It combines and supersedes the requirements of the previous editions of the following: -CSA G4, Steel Wire Rope for General Purpose and for Mine Hoisting and Mine Haulage, published in 2000 and 1992.


This Standard covers mine hoisting, mine haulage, and ski-lift ropes, and ropes for general applications.

It includes requirements for raw materials and construction features for
(a) round strand and flattened strand rope;
(b) locked coil rope;
(c) plastic impregnated and jacketed rope; and
(d) compacted strand rope in bright and galvanized finish.

Note: Although Tables specifying physical properties for a number of the more common classifications of wire rope are provided in this Standard, this Standard is not limited to those specified and may be used to evaluate non-typical wire rope constructions within the wire rope grades specified in Clause

The Standard also includes requirements for in-service destructive testing of steel wire ropes for mine hoisting applications.

This Standard is not intended for use in the manufacture and purchase of
(a) aircraft cable;
(b) elevator rope;
(c) tiller rope;
(d) swaged rope;
(e) marlin-covered rope;
(f) marine or shipping ropes;
(g) bridge rope, and strand;
(h) galvanized sash cord;
(i) zinc-coated strand; or
(j) galvanized guard rail cable.

The values stated in either SI units or inch/pound units are regarded as standard. Within the text, the inch/pound units are shown in parentheses and in separate tables (except for Tables 12 and 17, which do not contain measurement values). The values stated in each system of measurement are not exact equivalents; each system is to be used independently of the other.

Note: Combining values from the two systems can result in nonconformance with the specification.

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