The Aging Workforce in Canada

20% of Canada’s workforce (3.6 million) is 55 years and over (StatsCan, 2015)

By 2021, nearly one in four workers in Canada could be 55 years or over (StatsCan, 2011)

37% of people 55 and over worked in 2013, up from 24% in 2000 (Canadian Chamber of Commerce, 2013)

Older workers tend to have:

Compared to younger workers…

Older workers suffer fewer job-related injuries but their accidents can be more severe with a longer recovery period.

Older workers may work slower or make decisions less quickly but their work tends to be more accurate.

Older workers can do the same tasks as younger workers but are more likely to experience different types of injuries:

What workplaces can do

Tips for training older workers

Workers of any age are more likely to be attracted to work and remain working if they feel their work environment is safe and healthy. A well-designed workplace benefits everyone.