Don't be driven to distraction

Driver distraction is a factor in about 4 million motor vehicle crashes in North America each year.

What are the chances?

Drivers who are engaged in the following distractions are X times more likely to be in crash or near-crash event compared with non-distracted drivers

Did you know?

All provinces, along with Yukon Territory and Northwest Territories, have some form of cell phone or distracted driving legislation in place.

A fighter pilot* has about 300 items to keep track of during a regular flying mission
* in a non-combat scenario.

The average driver has about 3,000 things* to keep track of when driving during rush hour
* including pedestrians, lights, signs, passengers, road conditions, construction, other vehicles, cell phones, and objects on the road.

Allow plenty of travel time

Tips to eliminate or minimize distractions

What can employers do to help?

Reduce the risk – No devices while driving