Farming Mental Health in Canada

1 in 8 jobs in Canada is in the agriculture and agri-food industry1

Contributes over $100 billion to Canada's economy

In a survey of more than 1100 farmers:2

Stressors – many are out of farmers’ control

Health effects

What can be done

Show appreciation for farmers through public awareness campaigns and strategies
Check in with farming community members
Tell and share personal stories to reduce stigma
Build capacity in mental health awareness and prevention
Promote available telephone help lines and e-mental health services for farmers

Practicing self-care

Ask for help and offer to help. Reach out to your community.
Set aside time to disconnect from technology. Use that time to exercise or just relax.
Make the most of the sleep you're getting. Think about your nightly routine and your surroundings.
Talk to someone. Opening up is not a sign of weakness but takes strength. Where you can go:

**If you or someone else is in crisis, visit your local emergency department or call 911 immediately**

Created in partnership with the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association

1Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Economic impacts of Canadian agriculture and agri-food infographic

2Andria Jones-Bitton et al., University of Guelph