New Worker Orientation

Starting a new job?

Get off to a safe start by following this checklist.

Stay Safe

Did you know? A new job means more risk.

New workers are more vulnerable to workplace injury or illness, many of which happen in the first month on the job.

Stay healthy

Working during the pandemic? Here are a few tips to keep yourself and others healthy.

On-the-job reminders

Do you know what workplace harassment looks like? It’s any time that a worker is abused, threatened, intimidated, or assaulted – and it isn’t always physical. It could be inappropriate texts from a boss or team member, a coworker making offensive jokes, or being bullied by a customer.

Know your rights

All workers in Canada have three basic rights

  1. The Right to Know about hazards on the job and how to protect yourself.
  2. The Right to Participate in health and safety activities, including reporting unsafe practices.
  3. The Right to Refuse Unsafe Work that poses harm to yourself or co-workers.