Noise in the Canadian Workplace

Low or moderate noise levels can cause annoyance and stress, and make it difficult for people to complete tasks, or talk to and hear one another. Loud noises can cause permanent hearing loss and risk worker safety.

Promote hearing conservation

What’s in a hearing conservation program?

The surest method of preventing noise-induced hearing loss is to eliminate or reduce noise at the source.

Noise Source dB(A)
Hand-held circular saw (1 m) 115
Textile room 103
Power lawnmower (1 m) 92
Diesel truck at 50 kph (20 m) 85
Passenger car at 60 kph (20 m) 65
Conversation (1 m) 60
Quiet room 40

Make sure hearing protection is:

What the law says

Eight jurisdictions require a hearing conservation program when noise either exceeds their occupational exposure limit (BC, NL, PE, Federal), 85dBA (NT, NU, SK) or when there is excess noise (AB). However, all employers have a duty to provide a safe work environment and take all reasonable precautions to protect the health and safety of employees and others in the workplace.