Preventing falls from trips and slips* one step at a time

* = Falls that occur on the same level
About 12% of all accepted injury claims are from a slip or trip.
That’s approximately 28,353 slips and trips annually

Common causes


Slippery materials – water, ice, snow, oils, powders, granular solids
Slippery surfaces – polished tile or stone, smooth painted concrete or metal
Inappropriate footwear for the surface


Uneven walking surfaces
Unexpected or unseen steps, platforms or thresholds
Wrinkled carpeting, or loose rugs or mats
Obstructions such as an open bottom file cabinet drawer
Exposed or loose cables, wires or cords
Clutter on the floor or stairs

To prevent falls

Use appropriate non-slip flooring material
Provide adequate lighting

Practice good housekeeping

Select and wear proper footwear

Employers should make sure the health and safety program includes slips and trips prevention:

5 ways to reduce the risk of slipping

5 ways to reduce the risk of tripping

Statistical source: Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada, Injury Statistics Across Canada, 2015