Substance Use and the Trades

Workers in construction and other physically demanding jobs can experience high rates of injury or pain. Using opioids or other substances to deal with this pain may put them at an increased risk for experiencing harms.

In 2017, substance use cost $20.2 billion in lost productivity.1

Address Stigma

Stigma is any attitude, belief or behaviour that discriminates against people. It often prevents people who use substances from seeking help. They may also fear losing their jobs.

Employer Tips

Workplaces must have hazard prevention programs and policies that address risks like impairment.

Instead of saying:
“Do you know what to do when you see an overdose?”

“Do you know how to help a person who’s suffered an overdose?”

See CCSA's Checklist for Workplace Policies on Substance Use Stigma for more tips:

1 Canadian Substance Use Costs and Harms Visualization Tool. CCSA, 2020.