Mental Health at Work Infographic

Employer Responsibilities

Your employer is responsible to provide a safe and healthy workplace.

  • Clear Expectations. Clear and consistent expectations so that you and your co-workers understand what you need to do on a daily basis
  • Respectful Workplace. A respectful workplace where it is clear that bullying and harassment will not be tolerated
  • Safe Space. A workplace that is a safe space for all who work there, where you and your co-workers feel physically and emotionally safe
  • Training and Equipment. Training, equipment, and everything you need to do your job safely, provided in safe working order

Taking care of worker mental health is part of your employer’s job!

If your employer regularly fails to provide any of the above: Reach out to your Supervisor or someone you trust at work

Raise your concerns to your supervisor, and ask to have your rights respected. If your supervisor is part of the problem, reach out to someone in Human Resources, a union member, a mentor, or a trusted co-worker. Try to have someone there to support you when you raise your concerns.

Your Responsibilities

You are responsible to be ready to work physically, mentally and socially.

  • Physically Ready. Do you get to work on time, well-rested, and ready to do the tasks that are part of your job?
  • Mentally Ready. Can you focus on your job and get things done, even when things feel tough at work or home? Do you know where to get help when you don't understand something or need support?
  • Socially Ready. Are you polite and respectful in the social interactions your job requires? Do you feel like part of the team?

If you notice a change in your ability to meet your responsibilities above: Reach out to someone you trust

You can also use these supports:

  • Wellness Together Canada
  • Kids Help Phone text CONNECT to 686868 to speak to someone
  • Your family health care provider can give you direction on what to do
  • Ask your employer if you have access to an employee assistance program.
  • If you need immediate mental health support immediately, CALL 911