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>November 2013

What's Hot in Health and Safety?

The most requested topics from CCOHS

Collage of the most requested health and safety topics featured on CCOHS website

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Thousands of organizations and workers use CCOHS products and resources each year to assist with their health and safety needs.

So what have users come to us for?This infographic displays the most requested workplace health and safety topics, based on questions received from our Inquiries Service - a free, confidential, person-to-person information service available to all Canadians - and from our most requested products and services.

For additional statistics on CCOHS highlights for the fiscal 2012-13 year, check out our revamped, infographic-packed Annual Report.

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Mental Health in the Workplace Matters

Save on e-courses from CCOHS

Courses/e-Learning listing on CCOHS website

Although it is difficult to quantify the impact of work itself on personal identity, self-esteem and social recognition, most mental health professionals agree that the workplace can have a significant impact on an individual's mental well-being.

In fact, about one in five Canadians experience mental health issues at some point during their working years.

CCOHS offers your organization a series of e-courses focused on mental health and stress in the workplace:

Until January 31, 2014, you save 25% off any of the paid titles.

To take these online courses, all you need is a computer and Internet access. Learn at your own pace, in your own environment, at your own convenience.

Learn more about our mental health e-courses

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Healthy Minds at Work website, with additional resources

CCOHS Member Spotlight: WorkSafeBC

As part of our ongoing series highlighting the CCOHS Membership Program, we introduce you to a Platinum-level member, WorkSafeBC.

WorkSafeBC website

Describe your organization.

WorkSafeBC is dedicated to improving health and safety in B.C. workplaces. We engage workers, employers, and others to save lives and prevent injury and disease. We create regulations, and through education, inspections and communication we raise awareness of employer obligations under the Workers Compensation Act and Occupational Health and Safety Regulation. All with the intent of preventing workplace injuries. And, in the event of work-related injuries and diseases, we provide compensation to injured workers and support them in their recovery, rehabilitation and safe return to work.

Why did you become a member?

We share and wholeheartedly support CCOHS's vision: the elimination of workplace injuries and diseases. By combining our efforts, we can reach out to a broader community and have a greater influence on health and safety in all workplaces.

Describe your health and safety initiatives and programs.

Our programs aim to extend the reach of health and safety and ensure safe working conditions through inspection, communication, and education.

We establish standards for occupational health and safety practices, educate and consult with workplace stakeholders, raise public awareness through campaigns and advertising, and build partnerships with industry safety associations, unions, and other key stakeholders to improve health and safety in B.C. workplaces.

We aim to instill values about safety at an early age. That's why we administer an award-winning safety program for new and young workers, which, today is delivered in high schools around the province. It includes a curriculum-based program, a speakers' network featuring young injured workers, an apprenticeship portal for students and teachers, and a popular student safety video contest.

Through our various safety initiatives, strategies, and partnerships, we've contributed to moving B.C.'s injury levels to historic lows.

Together we can do even more. We welcome the opportunity to increase the resources, programs and knowledge available to the workers, employers and unions of BC through partnership with CCOHS. Like CCOHS, WorkSafeBC has a passion for safety.

Learn more about how to become a CCOHS Member and the many benefits of enrollment

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Studying Can Pay Off

Apply for the $3000 Dick Martin Scholarship Award

Dick Martin Scholarship Award: Call for Entries!

Know a student in an occupational health and safety program in a Canadian college or university working towards an occupational health and safety certificate, diploma or degree? Let them know about CCOHS' Dick Martin Scholarship Award, an annual, national scholarship that helps foster interest in the pursuit of higher education in the field of occupational health and safety.

Two $3000 scholarships will be awarded to one winning university student and one winning college student.

To apply for the award, students are invited to submit a 1000 -1200 word essay on one of two topics related to occupational health and safety. Essays will be judged on the intellectual content, the practical and theoretical value and the presentation and style. The deadline to apply is January 31, 2014.

Learn more about the Dick Martin Scholarship Award

Make Health a Habit at Work

On-demand webinar offers many tips and suggestions

Archived webinar: Healthy Habits That Work

Whether you work fifteen or forty hours a week, your job can be physically and mentally draining and affect your health and well-being. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill or system that is going to make us healthy - we have to regularly make mindful choices to be active, to eat well and to look after the mind and body.

Our free 30-minute Healthy Habits at Work webinar reviews some of these key areas and provides tips for incorporating healthy choices into your daily life. Advice is also offered to employers as to how they can support their workers to achieve a healthy balance at the job and at home.

What to Do to Prevent the Flu

Get tips in our latest podcast

Every month, we release new podcasts on current and emerging health and safety topics. Simply download these episodes to your computer or MP3 player and listen to them at your own convenience.

CCOHS Podcasts listing

Preventing the Flu: What You Can Do

It's easy to catch the flu if you're not careful. We share some helpful tips on what you can do to prevent catching (or spreading) the flu this season.

Listen to the podcast

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Send a Clear Message: Bullying is Not Part of the Job

Raise awareness with tools from CCOHS

Poster titled Bullying is Not Part of the Job

Bullying does more than hurt someone's feelings. It's a serious, growing workplace problem that can cause stress, anxiety, and low morale among workers.

Display our Bullying is Not Part of the Job poster to remind your employees of the types of behaviours that can be considered to be workplace violence or bullying - behaviours that should be reported to a designated authority in your workplace, supervisor, union representative, or someone who can help. Download a free PDF or purchase double-sided - English on one side, French on the other - full-color 16" x 25" copies for only $5 each.

Bullying awareness stickers and additional posters on preventing workplace violence are also available.

More resources on workplace violence prevention from CCOHS

Last Chance to Save on Teaching Tools for the Classroom

Help students learn about working safely

Health & Safety Teaching Tools - Comprehensive Version

Teachers can play an important role in helping their students learn about workplace health and safety, and we have a tool to help them do just that.

Available both online and in print, our Health & Safety Teaching Tools is packed with more than 200 pages of safety information, tips, classroom activities, handouts, and quizzes. It covers chemical hazards, ergonomics, physical hazards, biological hazards, and sociability issues.

This resource is recommended for middle and secondary school teachers and students, although the materials are easily adaptable for younger students.

Order by November 30, 2013 to save. Learn more about Teaching Tools.


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