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>September 2012

Do Your Workers Know Their Rights?

Poster highlights Canadian workers' three basic rights

Three Basic Rights of Canadian Workers product page

Across Canada there are laws in place to protect workers on the job. This occupational health and safety legislation includes three important rights given to all workers to ensure they have the knowledge they need to be safe on the job and the freedom to participate in health and safety activities in their workplace. These rights are the right to know, the right to participate, and the right to refuse unsafe work.

Make sure that your workers know that they have these important health and safety rights by displaying our new awareness poster throughout your organization.

Download a free PDF or purchase double-sided - English on one side, French on the other - full-color 16" x 25" copies for only $5 each.

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Get an Overview of Management Systems

Free awareness course provides an introduction to OHSMS

Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems: Awareness e-course

By law, all workplaces in Canada are required to have health and safety programs in place to protect workers against hazards. While occupational health and safety programs and occupational health and safety management systems (OHSMS) are similar, management systems are based upon internationally-recognized standards. And this means they incorporate more formalized elements of evaluation and continual improvement. A management system enhances your overall ability to identify and remove hazards and decrease health and safety risk at the workplace.

CCOHS has developed a free awareness course to introduce employers to the principles and theory involved in two kinds of management systems - the OHSMS and the environmental management system (EMS). This 20-minute overview serves as a precursor to CCOHS' new Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems e-course series.

The full series equips learners with the knowledge they need to implement a fully functioning health and safety and/or environmental management system suited to the needs of their organization.

These courses follow the management system standards commonly applied in Canada, and cover the requirements for an occupational health and safety management system as specified in OHSAS 18001:2007 and CSA: Z1000-06. The course on environmental management system is based on ISO 14001:2004 standard requirements.

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Last Chance to Register for Forum IV

Don't miss out on this national discussion on total worker well-being

CCOHS Forum IV: Better Together main webpage

Forum IV is just around the corner. CCOHS' two-day national conference on total worker health and wellness takes place from October 29-30, 2012, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Benefit from presentations by leading workplace health and safety experts, take part in interactive workshops and network with health and safety colleagues from across the country.

Sessions will focus on mental health, psychosocial work factors and musculoskeletal disorders, harassment and bullying, and integrated workplace health and safety.

Learn more about some of our Forum speakers and listen to them right now, through our special series of free podcasts:

Breaking the Cycle of Workplace Violence

International best selling author Barbara Coloroso, shares her views on workplace bullying and provides tips on how workers and employers together, can help break the cycle of violence.

Learn more and listen to the podcast

Taking a Proactive Approach to Maintaining a Healthy Workplace

Donna Hardaker, Workplace Mental Health Specialist from the Canadian Mental Health Association's York Region Branch, joins CCOHS via telephone to explain how organizations can take a proactive approach at addressing mental health in the workplace.

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How Psychological Factors Affect Musculoskeletal Symptoms and Disorders

Dr. Birgitte Blatter, Business Line Manager of Healthy, Vital and Safe Work at TNO in the Netherlands explores the role workplace psychological factors play in the development of musculoskeletal symptoms and disorders.

Learn more and listen to the podcast

Exploring Psychosocial Issues in the Workplace

Dr. Kevin Kelloway, the Canada Research Chair in Occupational Health Psychology at Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia explains what positive psychology is and how it relates to workplace stress.

Learn more and listen to the podcast

Psychological Health and Safety

Merv Gilbert, Adjunct Professor at Simon Fraser University and Gerry Culina, General Health and Safety Services Manager at CCOHS, discuss the powerful and expanding impact mental health problems have on the workplace.

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Customize that Course

Meet your organization's specific training and education needs

CCOHS Courses/e-Learning Listing

When it comes to training and education, off-the-shelf courses aren't always an exact fit for organizations. Every company has its own policies and procedures, as well as potentially unique work environments. CCOHS offers a full catalogue of e-courses that can be customized to meet different training and education needs.

Increase relevancy and retention by adding your organization's logo, name, policies, procedures, and guidelines, or information and images specific to your industry or jurisdiction.

For example, CCOHS worked with WorkSafe Saskatchewan to customize an e-course to make reference to provincial legislation, policies, and resources, while tailoring content to its workers' specific needs. The WHMIS for Saskatchewan Workers course has been effective in delivering training to thousands of workers throughout the jurisdiction, including remote areas of the province.

Other CCOHS courses such as Health & Safety for Managers and Supervisors have been customized for organizations across different industries.

Available in both English and French, all CCOHS e-courses are developed by subject specialists in the field and reviewed by representatives from labour, employers and governments to ensure the content and approach is unbiased and credible.

Contact CCOHS to learn more about customizing an e-course for your organization.

Teaching Tools for Back to School

Health and safety comes to the classroom

Teaching Tools – Basic main webpage

Just in time for students' return to school in the fall, CCOHS' Health and Safety Teaching Tools resource is now available online through the Young Workers Zone.

Teaching Tools makes it easy for teachers to educate their students about what they need to know to stay healthy and safe when they enter the workforce.

In the free basic version, you can access important workplace health and safety information geared for middle and secondary school students, although the materials are adaptable for a younger audience as well.

A comprehensive version of Teaching Tools, with 200+ slides, handouts, activities and tests, is available as a printed manual for only $129, and includes a companion CD of accompanying slides. For the greatest value and flexibility, you can supplement the manual with two years of convenient online access to all the slides, activities, handouts and tests, for only an additional $70 - a $29 savings off the regular price.

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Take Action on Hazards

Build a plan online with OSH Essentials

OSH Essentials product webpage - Your workplace hazard action tool

In every workplace there are hazards - a potential source of injury, illness, or near misses which can cause harm to your employees, the equipment around them, or the environment in which they work. Workplace hazards can come from a wide range of sources, with varying degrees of associated risk.

Identify, control and take action on hazards in your workplace with the help of CCOHS' OSH Essentials. By combining interactive features with practical information, this online tool guides you through the process of building a hazard action plan specific to your workplace.

Choose from many popular topics including Excessive Noise, Workplace Violence and Working Alone, as well as these latest additions:

Why spend hours surfing the Internet for credible information, when you can save time and bring it all together in a single place? OSH Essentials is an easy-to-use, one-stop online hub where you can build a customized plan of action. Review workplace activities, identify potential and existing hazards, and learn relevant legislation by key sections. Choose from suggested control measures to create your final action plan that you can use to address the risks in your workplace.

Learn more about OSH Essentials and see all topics



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