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>Weigh in on Changing Workplaces
Read the highlights of Forum07 and take the survey on changing workplaces

What is the relationship between work-life balance and occupational health and safety? How does new technology impact the health and safety of workplaces? What does it mean to be a part-time, seasonal, temporary or contract worker?

These questions were discussed as part of CCOHS' second national tripartite forum, which focused on emerging health and safety issues from changing workplaces. Leading experts, as well as more than 200 representatives from employers, labour and government, gathered to address new issues such as gaps in worker protection, emerging technologies, and accountability and responsibility for occupational health and safety in the evolving workplace.

During workshop sessions, delegates discussed these issues in greater detail, highlighting their own experiences with precarious workplaces, identifying key concerns, and outlining possible solutions and strategies. Read the highlights from Forum07 (PDF).

And now that we've started the dialogue, we invite you to help continue it.
Take the survey on changing workplaces and give us your feedback on this critical, rapidly developing area of workplace health and safety. We also want to hear your stories. Has the changing nature of workplaces affected you or someone you know personally?

We will share the survey results, some of your stories, and highlights from Forum07, with all Canadians this spring. Weigh in on changing workplaces.

January 2008