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>Past Issues: 2011

Volume 9, Issue 12

On Topic:  Winter Driving Emergencies: Ready Or Not?
Tips & Tools:  Carbon Monoxide: Silent But Deadly
Partner News:  Ontario Inspection Blitz Targets MSDs
Health & Safety To Go:  Radiation Safety in the Workplace
CCOHS News:  Scholarship Winner's Advice to Students: "Go for it"
Last Word :  From the President's Desk

Volume 9, Issue 11

In the News:  Bed Bugs: Have Bite, Will Travel
OSH Answers:  Three Ergonomic Risk Factors of Office Work
Health & Safety To Go:  Radiation and Noise
CCOHS News:  Membership That Makes a Difference
Last Word :  In Search of Scholarships? Look No Further

Volume 9, Issue 10

In the News:  Prescription for Reducing Work Absences Among Canadian Nurses
Alerts & Bulletins:  An Essential Workplace Hazard Action Tool
Tips & Tools:  Getting Ready to Label it GHS
Partner News:  Take Our Kids to Work™
Health & Safety To Go:  Prolonged Sitting and Workplace Violence

Volume 9, Issue 9

On Topic:  Putting the Squeeze on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Alerts & Bulletins:  Safety in the Trenches
Tips & Tools:  Losing Scents at Work
Health & Safety To Go:  Proper Lighting and Workplace Mental Health
CCOHS News:  Healthy Minds at Work
Last Word :  Work Safely with Radiation

Volume 9, Issue 8

On Topic:  Clamping Down on Dog Attacks
Partner News:  Stop Sticks to Stop Sharps Injuries
Health & Safety To Go:  Roadside Safety and Insect Stings
CCOHS News:  Address Workplace Stress

Volume 9, Issue 7

On Topic:  Tiny Ticks Pose Big Health Risks
Partner News:  Slow Down in the "Cone Zone"
Health & Safety To Go:  Podcasts Cover Sun, Heat and Landscaper Safety
CCOHS News:  Handle the Hostility with E-courses from CCOHS
You Asked:  I'm being bullied at work. What can I do about it?

Volume 9, Issue 6

On Topic:  Staying Safe Through Summer Sun, Sweat, and Stings
Partner News:  Setting the Standard for Workplace Mental Health in Canada
Health & Safety To Go:  Aging Workforce and Water Safety
CCOHS News:  MSDS to SDS: Making a Smooth Transition

Volume 9, Issue 5

On Topic:  Commercial Fishing: On Board With Safety
Tips & Tools:  Workplace Chemicals: Know What's in Store
Partner News:  Recognizing and Preventing Occupational Cancer
Health & Safety To Go:  HR and Health Safety, and Confined Spaces
CCOHS News:  No Pain, No Strain - Preventing Musculoskeletal Disorders

Volume 9, Issue 4

On Topic:  10 Tips for Safe Travels
Partner News:  Young and Aging Workers in Webinar Spotlight
Health & Safety To Go:  Podcasts Look at Young Workers Safety and Noise Control
CCOHS News:  Employment-related Legislation When and Where You Need It

Volume 9, Issue 3

On Topic:  The Young and Vulnerable
In the News:  Scents and Sensitivities in the Workplace
Partner News:  Special Dates to Remember
Health & Safety To Go:  Smoking Cessation Tips and a Workplace Injury Survivor's Story
CCOHS News:  Save the Date for Forum IV
Last Word :  Let Us Have It - and You Could Win It

Volume 9, Issue 2

On Topic:  Study: Workplace Stress Highest For Invested Workers
In the News:  Losing Sleep Over Daylight Saving Time May Increase Workplace Injuries
Partner News:  RSI Awareness Day: When the Pains and Strains Remain
Health & Safety To Go:  Podcasts Look at Substance Use and Musculoskeletal Injuries
CCOHS News:  Mould, Spores and More
Last Word :  Special Dates to Remember

Volume 9, Issue 1

On Topic:  Bacteria Battle
Tips & Tools:  MSDS - One Way to Spell Safety
Health & Safety To Go:  Working in the Cold
CCOHS News:  On Course to Safety
Last Word :  Look, Listen, Learn and Earn