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What should you do when using a rolling scaffold?

  • Assemble the rolling scaffold according to manufacturer's instructions.
  • Ensure that the surface on which the scaffold is moved is level and without holes or obstructions.
  • Brace all rolling scaffolds horizontally and diagonally.
  • Cleat or secure all planks.
  • Prevent joints from separating.
  • Secure access ladders.
  • Make sure the platform has appropriate guardrails (hand, mid, toe).
  • Ensure that each wheel or castor is equipped with brakes to prevent rolling and swivelling.
  • Lock the caster brakes before climbing onto scaffold.
  • Secure or remove all material, equipment and personnel from platform before moving it.
  • Push towards the base when moving.
  • Use the built-in access ladders to reach the platform.
  • Refer to safety regulations for height stability requirements.
Rolling Scaffold
Rolling Scaffold

What should you not do when using a rolling scaffold?

  • Do not stay on the scaffold when it is being moved. If a worker must remain on the scaffold, make sure the worker is secured to the building (not the scaffold) with appropriate safety harness and lanyard.
  • Do not try to move a rolling scaffold without enough help. Watch out for slopes, holes, debris, and overhead obstructions.
  • Do not extend adjusting screws more than the manufacturer recommends.
  • Do not allow the working platform height to exceed three times the base width, unless it is guyed and equipped with outriggers or otherwise stabilized.
  • Do not use powered devices to move scaffolds.
  • Do not lean access ladders against rolling scaffolds.
  • Do not over-reach from the scaffold.
  • Do not climb using the frame.
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