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>MSDS/FTSS Intranet Service FAQs

The MSDS and FTSS databases are available for mounting on your own internal Intranet:

For more detailed information on each database, refer to the FAQs for:


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What is the MSDS/FTSS Intranet Service?

This service provides the raw data that make up the database records of the MSDS and/or FTSS database in a predefined format. The subscriber can incorporate the database into their own company-wide database management system and users can then search the database using their own familiar search and retrieval software. In order to make the database available on an Intranet, it is necessary to make the information available to the Web server software.

What kind of system do I need?

The data is intended for mounting on large computer systems. As of September, 2006, the raw data files require 11 gigabytes of storage space for MSDS (English), and 5 gigabytes for FTSS (French). Additional space is needed by your Database Management System for indexing, pointers, etc.

Required Intranet Configuration:

An Intranet is typically configured with Web server software, a server based search engine (used to index and retrieve data), necessary hard drive space, and a firewall (to prevent unauthorized external access). Individuals would access the information on the Web server via Web browsers like Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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How is the data provided?

English and/or French data files are provided quarterly in XML format on DVDs. A full refresh of the files is provided with each issue.

Does your search and retrieval software come with it?

Due to the large number of records in the database, the data should be imported into a database management system that communicates with your Web server. The exact process to be followed to make the database available on an Intranet will differ due to differences in the operating systems of the server, as well as different database management systems.

Can I get more information before subscribing to the service?

Sample data, and details about the file format, field descriptions, etc can be provided on request.

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Please contact CCOHS Client Services if you have further questions about these products and services.