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Recognizing and Preventing Occupational Disease: Strategies and Recommendations from Canadians Free!


This 67-page paper is a result from the multi-stakeholder, national forum, "New Strategies for Recognizing and Preventing Occupational Disease" ("Forum ’05") hosted by CCOHS March 3-4, 2005.


The goals of this forum were to:


  1. Provide participants (workers, employers and governments) with current knowledge regarding the recognition and prevention of occupational disease.
  2. Have participants apply the knowledge gained to provide prevention and recognition strategies that could help to reduce occupational disease in Canada.
  3. Share the recommendations from the Forum on the CCOHS website, and invite all Canadians to review them and add their viewpoints.
  4. Share the findings (recommendations and survey results) from the Forum with the Canadian public in a Report and make it widely available, free of charge on the web, and encourage Canadians to continue to participate in the dialogue on occupational disease.


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Forum '05 generated 125 distinct recommendations through the collaborative efforts of workers, employers, researchers and government representatives.

The recommendations were posted on the CCOHS website and Canadians were invited to review and assess them. Both Forum and website results were compiled into a paper, "Recognizing and Preventing Occupational Disease:  Strategies and Recommendations from Canadians".


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