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All of these young workers suffered an injury or died while on the job. Each of these stories serve as a powerful reminder of the need for everyone - new and young workers, employers, parents, and teachers – to prevent future injuries and fatalities in the workplace.

Don't become another tragic tale.

Photo of Nick Perry

Nick Perry Nick Perry article in PDF

On November 3, 2001 he went to work at a retail lumber yard in Victoria on a typical Saturday...

Source: WorkSafe BC

Photo of John Higgins

John Higgins John Higgins article in PDF

It seems like John can't remember a time when he could walk for five minutes without constant pain...

Source: WorkSafe BC

Photo of Sean Kells

Sean Kells Sean Kells article in PDF

Sean was killed the third day of his part-time job at the age of 19. It wasn't an accident; it was preventable.

Source: The Safe Communities Foundation

Photo of David Ellis

David Ellis David Ellis article in PDF

David played drums in a rock band. He also liked to play baseball....

Source: Young Worker Memorial LifeQuilt

Photo of Jennifer Fourchalf

Jennifer Fourchalf Jennifer Fourchalf article in PDF

Jennifer didn't think working in a pizzeria was a dangerous job until a serious accident at work...

Source: WorkSafe BC

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