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CCOHS participates in workplace health and safety webinars, and conferences and meetings across Canada and around the world. We share our collective knowledge of and expertise, presenting material on a variety of topics. Wherever possible, we make the presentations available on SlideShare, or upon request by e-mailing

Recent Presentations

WHMIS After GHS for Employers

Presenter: Sandy Bello, Technical Specialist

Date: May 2013

Working Through the Risks of Manual Materials Handling

Presenter: Dhananjai Borwankar, Technical Specialist

Date: October 2012

Safely Climbing the Social Media Ladder

Presenter: Krista Travers, Marketing Communications Officer

Date: August 2012

WHMIS and OSHA Labels

Presenter: Jessie Callaghan, Sr. Technical Specialist

Date: January 2012

GHS Labels

Presenter: Lorraine Davison, Manager, Chemical Services

Date: January 2012

Making Sense of Scent-Free Workplaces

Presenter: Jan Chappel, Sr. Technical Specialist

Date: October 2011

The Aging Workforce: OHS Solutions

Presenter: Emma Ashurst, OHS Specialist

Date: May 2011

Help Your New Workers Stay Safe

Presenter: Jan Chappel, Sr. Technical Specialist

Date: May 2011