CCOHS is Canada's trusted source for the advancement of workplace health and safety.

About Our Vision

Our Vision

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) has a vision: the elimination of work-related illnesses and injuries. We serve Canadians - and the world - with credible and relevant tools and resources to improve workplace health and safety programs. We believe that all Canadians have a fundamental right to a healthy and safe working environment. Through our programs, services, knowledge, commitment, and action, CCOHS will continue its efforts to advance health and safety in the workplace.

CCOHS Background


CCOHS was established in 1978 by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Act, which was passed by unanimous vote in the Canadian Parliament. CCOHS promotes the total well-being – physical, psychosocial and mental health – of working Canadians by providing information, training, education, management systems and solutions that support health, safety and wellness programs. A federal department corporation, CCOHS is governed by a tripartite Council - representing government, employers and labour - to ensure a balanced, approach to workplace health and safety issues. We offer a range of workplace health and safety services to help your organization raise awareness, assess risks, implement prevention programs, and improve health, safety and well-being.

What We Offer

What We Offer

CCOHS fulfills its mandate to promote workplace health and safety, and encourage attitudes and methods that will lead to improved worker physical and mental health, through a wide range of products and services. These products and services are offered in both English and French, and are designed in cooperation with national and international occupational health and safety organizations with an emphasis on preventing illnesses, injuries and fatalities. We provide a variety of both public service initiatives at no charge to the user, such as OSH Answers, the person-to-person Inquiry Service, newsletters, and podcasts. Services for specialty resources provided on a cost recovery basis include databases, publications and training and education.

We addressed the need to reduce the consistently high level of injuries and illnesses incurred by new and young Canadian workers, with the development of the Young Workers Zone on our website. We've also developed several other websites to provide Canadian workers, employers, health and safety professionals, and students with access to current and reliable workplace health and safety information.

Spread the Word

Spread the Word

Information and knowledge are powerful tools to support prevention initiatives. It is with a passion for and commitment to worker health and safety that CCOHS equips working Canadians with the information needed to reduce hazards and eliminate risks in the workplace, that all may enjoy a healthy and safe environment!