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>Working in Hot Environments: Health and   Safety Guide

Table of Contents



Section I

Legal Responsibilities to Prevent Heat Stress

  1. Responsibilities as set out in Health and Safety legislation
  2. Ways of meeting responsibilities: being prepared


Section II

The Body's Response to Hot Environments

  1. The body's heat balance
  2. Heat exchange between the body and the environment
  3. Effect of clothing
  4. Other contributing factors


Section III

Safety and Health Concerns

  1. Safety Concerns
  2. Health Concerns
    • Heat Strain
    • Heat-related illnesses


Section IV

Measures of Heat Exposure

  1. Measures of Occupational Heat Exposure: The WBGT index
  2. Environmental Measures of Heat Exposure


Section V

Heat Exposure Standards and Guidelines

  1. Occupational exposure limits
  2. Thermal comfort guidelines for offices


Section VI

Control Measures

  1. Engineering Controls
  2. Administrative Controls
  3. Personal Protection
  4. Sample Safe Work Practices


Section VII

Occupational Health and Safety Legislation

  1. Canadian Legislation
  2. US Legislation


Section VIII

Sources of Additional Information

  1. Canadian Government Departments with Responsibility Occupational Health and Safety
  2. US Federal Safety and Health Agencies


Section IX

Bibliography and Internet Links


Section X


  1. A summary of health hazards and preventive measures
  2. The Humidex
  3. Safety tips for different levels of the UV index
  4. Glossary
  5. Abbreviations
  6. Sample heat stress policy and checklist
  7. Case histories: fatalities from occupational heat exposure