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>Job Safety Analysis Made Simple

Table of Contents


Job Safety Analysis Flow-Chart


  1. What is a Job Safety Analysis
  2. How to Perform a Job Safety Analysis
    • Step 1: What important factors should be considered in selecting a job for JSA?
    • Step 2: How are the basic tasks of a job established?
    • Step 3: How are the potential hazards identified?
    • Step 4: How are preventive measures determined?
    • Step 5: How should I communicate the JSA information to everyone else?
  3. How and When to Use Job Safety Analysis
  4. Follow-up and Review of a Job Safety Analysis
  5. References
  6. Examples of Job Safety Analysis
    1. Transportation of dangerous goods (TDG)
    2. Climbing trucks to inspect levels of substance in snow and rain
    3. Handling of heavy objects in ports and storage
    4. Machine maintenance
    5. Working at heights on communication towers
    6. Improvisation of tasks

Appendix A: Sample Form for Job Safety Analysis

Appendix B: Step-by-step Instructions for Job Safety Analysis

Appendix C: Practical Tips for Performing Job Safety Analysis and its Implementation