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>Mould in the Workplace: A Basic Guide

Table of Contents


Section I

Types and Causes of Mould

  1. What are Moulds?
  2. Causes of Mould Growth
  3. Types of Mould
  4. How Moulds Grow
  5. Where Moulds Grow


Section II

Health Effects of Mould Exposure

  1. Difficulties Linking Health Effects to Mould Exposure
  2. Common Health Effects of Mould Exposure


Section III

Mould Problems in the Workplace

  1. Why Be Concerned About Mould?
  2. Who Should Be Concerned About Mould?
  3. Knowing if Your Workplace Has a Mould Problem
  4. Air Sampling and Laboratory Analysis
  5. Employee Health Survey


Section IV

Dealing with Mould

  1. If You Suspect Mould
  2. When Mould is Found
  3. Controlling and Mitigating Mould Growth


Section V

Interpretation of Mould Measurement Data

  1. Comparing Mould Measurement Data with Standards


Section VI

Mould Clean Up and Prevention

  1. Why Clean Up Mould?
  2. General Guidelines for Mould Clean Up
  3. Mould Clean Up Methods
  4. Knowing When the Mould Remediation or Clean Up is Finished


Section VII

Water Damage

  1. Water Quality
  2. Cleaning Up Water Damage
  3. The Water Clean Up Process


Section VIII

Preventing Mould Growth

  1. General Procedures for All Workplaces
  2. Specific Measures for Construction in Hospitals


Section IX

Standards, Guidelines and Protocols for Mould

  1. Standards, Guidelines and Protocols for Mould


Section X

Occupational Health and Safety Legislation

  1. Canadian Sources of Indoor Air Legislation
  2. Canadian OH&S Legislation
  3. US OH&S Legislation


Section XI

Information Sources

  1. Canadian Government Departments with Responsibility for Occupational Health and Safety
  2. US Federal Safety and Health Agencies
  3. State Occupational Safety and Health Plans


Section XII


A1. Mould FAQ
A2. Case Studies
A3. Acronyms
A4. Mould Problem Reporting Form
A5. References