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>Office Health and Safety Guide

Table of Contents



Section I

Basic Rules of Workplace Health and Safety

  1. The Law Says
  2. Elements of On-the-Job Safety
  3. Safety Tips for New Employees
  4. Safety Tips for Supervisors


Section II

Health and Safety Policy and Programs

  1. Introduction
  2. Health and Safety Policy
  3. Program Elements
  4. Workplace Inspections
  5. Task Analysis and Safety Procedures
  6. Accident / Incident Investigations
  7. Emergency Preparedness
  8. First Aid / Serious Accidents / Fatalities
  9. Organizational Policies
  10. Evaluation and Continuous Improvement


Section III

Common Health and Safety Hazards in Office Workplaces

  1. Introduction
  2. Types of Health and Safety Hazards in Offices
  3. Basic Steps in Risk Prevention / Hazard Recognition Methods
  4. Recognition of Safety Hazards
  5. Recognition of Health Hazards
  6. Recognition of Stress and Psychosocial Concerns
  7. Hazard Control
  8. Health and Safety Issues Related to Temporary or Satellite Offices


Section IV

Office Ergonomics

  1. Introduction
  2. Workstation Design
  3. Work Organization
  4. Work Environment (Ventilation, Noise, Temperature and Lighting)
  5. Checklist for Computer Workstations
  6. Manual Material Handling (Lifting, Pushing/Pulling, etc)


Section V

Office Specific Health and Safety Concerns and Preventive Measures

  1. Exposure to Perfumes and Other Scents
  2. Exposure to Chemicals
  3. Indoor Air Quality
  4. Exposure to Mould
  5. Personal Safety and Security
  6. Potential Safety Hazards in Offices
    • Filing Cabinets and Shelving
    • Electrical Safety
  7. Slips, Trips and Falls
  8. Effective Housekeeping Program
  9. Safety When Driving
  10. Weather Extremes




Section VI

Occupational Health and Safety Legislation


Section VII

Resources for Further Information and Assistance