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>Telework and Home Office Health and   Safety Guide

Table of Contents


Section I

Planning Telework

  1. Introduction
  2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Teleworking
  3. Before You Start
  4. Managing or Supervising Telework


Section II

Overview of Roles and Responsibilities Under Health and Safety Legislation

  1. Basic Principles of Health and Safety Legislation
    • Background: Health and Safety Legislation in Canada
  2. Responsibilities Under Health and Safety Legislation
    • Employer Responsibilities
    • Supervisor Responsibilities
    • Employee Responsibilities
    • Employee Rights
    • Health and Safety Committee Responsibilities
  3. Enforcement and Penalties for Non-compliance (general)
  4. Criminalization of Occupational Health and Safety Offences


Section III

Preparing for Telework

  1. Self Assessment for the Teleworker
  2. Sample Agreements Between the Teleworker and Employer
  3. Putting it all together – a "Before You Start" Telework Checklist


Section IV

When Working From Home

  1. Your Occupational Health and Safety
  2. Making Telework Work for You
    • Staying Connected with the Office
  3. Balance Between Work and Family Life


Section V

Your Health and Safety

  1. Employer’s Responsibility for Teleworkers Health and Safety
  2. Workstation Ergonomics
    • Symptoms of Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs)
  3. Three Stages of WMSD
    • Preventative Measures to Control WMSDs
  4. Work Station Design
    • Work Surface
    • Chair
    • Workstation Layout
    • Using a Laptop Computer
    • Working at Various Workstations/"Hotelling"
  5. Work Organization
  6. Manual Material Handling (Lifting, Pushing/Pulling, etc.)


Section VI

Other Health and Safety Concerns and Preventive Measures

  1. General Work Environment
  2. Personal Safety and Security
  3. Potential Safety Hazards in Home Offices
  4. Electrical Safety
  5. Housekeeping
  6. Safety When Driving


Section VII



Section VIII

Occupational Health and Safety Legislation


Section IX

Information Sources