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As an Ontario Trucking Association member, you can enjoy access to free online health and safety education from the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS). Choose from a number of courses covering a wide range of workplace health and safety topics.

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Bullying in the Workplace

Understand the signs and effects of bullying, and take action to prevent it.Duration: 1 hour

Canada Labour Code, Part II: An Overview

Understand your duties as a manager or supervisor under the Canada Labour Code, Part II. Ideal for employees in federally-regulated businesses and organizations.Duration: 1 hour

Confined Space Management

Learn the essential components of a confined space program in the workplace, as well as emergency preparedness, due diligence and best practices.Duration: 1.5 hours

Confined Spaces: The Basics

Learn about confined spaces, the identification and control of hazards that can be encountered, and key steps to working safely.Duration: 3 hours

Developing an Occupational Health and Safety Program

Learn the basics of developing a successful occupational health and safety programDuration: 1 hour

Hazard Identification, Assessment and Control

Assess the hazards and risks in your workplace and implement an effective control program.Duration: 3 hours

Health and Safety Committees in the Canadian Federal Jurisdiction

Understand your responsibilities when it comes to health and safety committees under the Canada Labour Code, Part IIDuration: 1 hour

Health and Safety for Senior Executives: Legislation & Liability

Learn how to reduce liabilities and increase organizational compliance through high-performance health and safety leadership.Duration: 1 hour

Health and Safety For Small Business

An effective health and safety program benefits small businesses by protecting employees and customers from crippling accidents and losses.Duration: 1 hour

Ladder Safety

What you need to know in order to work safely with ladders, including inspection, set up, and safety while on the ladder.Duration: 40 minutes

Manual Materials Handling

Identify and control risk factors associated with manual materials handling to prevent injuries at your workplace.Duration: 1 hour

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs): Prevention

Identify the causes of work-related MSDs and develop an ergonomics program to reduce the risk of injuries.Duration: 1 hour

Orientation on Health and Safety for New Workers

New employees need to know about their health and safety responsibilities, legislation, job related hazards, and how to work safety.Duration: 1.5 hours

Preventing Falls From Slips and Trips

Prevent workplace injuries that are the result of slips, trips or falls from the same level. Understand the causes of falls, and how to take preventive measures.Duration: 1 hour

WHMIS 2015 for Managers and Supervisors NEW!

Understand and meet your health and safety responsibilities under WHMIS 2015.Duration: 1.25 hours

WHMIS 2015 for Workers

WHMIS 2015 is in force, and suppliers can now ship chemical products with WHMIS 2015 labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDSs). Workers now need education on WHMIS 2015. Duration: 1 hour

WHMIS 2015: Understanding SDSs NEW!

Gain a thorough understanding of safety data sheets in this intermediate level course.Duration: 1.25 hours

Workplace Inspections

Learn about the types of inspections to conduct, who should participate, and what to look for.Duration: 1 hour

Workplace Violence in the Canadian Federal Jurisdiction: Establish a Prevention Program

Learn to develop an effective workplace violence prevention program in compliance with the Canada Labour Code, Part II requirements.Duration: 1 hour

Workplace Violence in the Canadian Federal Jurisdiction: Recognize the Risk and Take Action

Understand workplace violence and the requirements for its prevention under the Canada Labour Code, Part II.Duration: 1 hour

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