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Health & Safety Teaching Tools - Comprehensive Version
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Product Description

Every year, young workers are critically injured or killed on the job. School teachers can play a vital role in developing awareness of workplace health and safety issues in young people. It has been proven that integrating workplace health and safety education into the classroom has helped in the prevention of accidents and injuries.

Help make a difference with Health & Safety Teaching Tools – the comprehensive version. Available in three formats – online, print and bundle (online + print) – this resource is packed with 200+ pages of health and safety information, 200+ colour slides, tips, classroom activities, handouts and tests. The print version includes a companion CD of accompanying slides in PowerPoint and PDF formats, for use as student handouts.

The basic version of this resource is available free online, however the slides, handouts, activities and tests are only available in the comprehensive version.

The bundled version offers the best value and flexibility, with 2 years of online access, a printed binder, and a companion CD of accompanying slides. To order this bundle and save 13%, add the Print + Web Bundle version to your cart. You may also place your order by calling 1-800-668-4284.

Teaching Tools Version/Format Comparison

- WEB* -
Content Content;Basic Content;Web Content;Print Content;Bundle;Print | Content;Bundle;Web
Slides   Slides;Web Slides;Print Slides;Bundle;Print | Slides;Bundle;Web
Activities   Activities;Web Activities;Print Activities;Bundle;Print | Activities;Bundle;Web
Handouts   Handouts;Web Handouts;Print Handouts;Bundle;Print | Handouts;Bundle;Web
Tests   Tests;Web Tests;Print Tests;Bundle;Print | Tests;Bundle;Web
Additional Resources Additional Resources;Basic Additional Resources;Web Additional Resources;Print Additional Resources;Bundle;Print | Additional Resources;Bundle;Web

*Web access is provided for 2 years from date of purchase

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Teaching Tools is divided into five chapters covering the major topic areas of workplace health and safety that are likely to impact young workers:

  • chemical hazards
  • ergonomics
  • physical hazards
  • biological hazards
  • sociability issues

Using Teaching Tools – Comprehensive

In addition to the basic content, the following resources are available only in the comprehensive version. You must be a registered user to access the following sections:

Each chapter is made up of topic sections covering the key hazards of the topic. Each topic section contains an introduction outlining the key points and providing an overview.

  • Activities – Each section contains ideas for activities that will help to reinforce the concepts being presented.
  • Slides – Colourful slides that visually enhance the text are available online as well as on the Teaching Tools companion CD that is included with the print version.
  • Handouts –Photocopy these creative handouts and circulate them to your class for discussion and study purposes.
  • Tests – Test your student's knowledge with sample tests provided at the end of each of the five topic sections.

A listing of additional resources is included at the end of each chapter.

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Target Audience

This resource is recommended for middle and secondary school teachers, although elementary school teachers will find the materials easily adaptable for younger students.


The information in this publication is based on best practice principles and techniques. The purpose of this resource is to provide guidance on young worker safety, rather than prescribe specific requirements, and is not intended as a legal interpretation of any federal, provincial or territorial legislation.

Note: The online version is available immediately upon completion of your order. The print version ships within 5 business days.

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