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Parents...It's Your Responsibility

Accidents and deaths can and do happen to young workers. There have been some well-publicized incidents which demonstrate how important health and safety training and accident prevention can be.

  • TALK to your child about their summer job choices. What types of jobs and workplace options are there?
  • FIND out about the nature of your child's tasks.
  • TALK to their employer about health and safety policies and training.
  • ALERT your child to the dangers of working alone or at night.
  • ENCOURAGE your child to ask questions and seek help if they are uncertain about work practices or activities.

For your child's sake, and your own peace of mind, here are some steps you can take to help ensure their safety:

"Yeah, I got it covered" 

"Sure, I can make the cut" 

Free posters from the New Brunswick Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission highlighting specific job hazards.

Source: WorkSafe NB 

Parents (WorkSmartOntario!)

The Ministry of Labour's WorkSmartOntario offers resources to parents and their children about their rights and responsibilities under the Employment Standards Act. Find out how you can ensure your child's safety is never compromised.

Source: Ministry of Labour 

Resources for Young Workers by Group - Parents

Worksafe BC's resource page offering parents of young workers with links, list tools, publications and other resources to help prevent young worker injuries and illnesses. Also available is the Parent Resource Kit containing information for parents to help keep their children save on the job.

Source: Worksafe BC 

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