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Academic Support Program (ASP)

Exclusive Offer!

The CCOHS Academic Support Program (ASP) is offered exclusively to universities and colleges as both a tool to educate students about environmental and occupational health and safety and as a guide to assist Universities and Colleges in their efforts to achieve a safe and healthy working environment. This program includes MSDS, FTSS, CHEMINFO, RTECS®, Canadiana,CISILO, HSELINE, OSHLINE® with NIOSHTIC®/NIOSHTIC-2, and as well as several free resources.

This Programs offers:

  • cross-database search capabilities with a search page specifically for ASP clients
  • authoritative and reliable information
  • monthly database updates
  • easy and efficient downloading, printing, annotating and bookmarking of data!


What our clients are saying...

“We make available several key products and research guides to develop our students' knowledge and skills about environmental and occupational health and safety... One of the most popular is OSHLINE™ with NIOSHTIC..”

Technical Support and Systems, Ryerson University, Toronto, ON
An ideal for resource for:
  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Support staff
  • Maintenace workers
  • Researchers
  • On-site health & safety professionals

  Try it for yourself – Visit our Academic Support Program search page, type in your search query and view the search results quickly with this simple user interface – but remember you'll need a user name and password to view the full records.
Contact CCOHS Client Services for your password.


Together these databases provide information on a broad range of environmental and occupational health and safety topics including:
  • Occupational hygiene
  • Hazardous substances
  • Toxicology
  • Hazard communication
  • Medicine/nursing


Annual License Fees (based on the number of full-time students)
$1,195 CDN Level A – up to 50,000 full time students
$2,395 CDN Level B – 50,000 to 100,000 full time students
$3,595 CDN Level C – over 100,000 full time students

All pricing shown is in Canadian (CDN) dollars. Product pricing and availability are subject to change without notice.

A Memorandum of Understanding must be signed to qualify for this offer.

Your annual subscription to the Academic Support Program on the Web includes:


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