WHMIS 1988 Classifications

WHMIS 1988 classification and symbols for over 700 pure chemicals, extracted from CCOHS' comprehensive and authoritative CHEMINFO database.

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The WHMIS classifications found in the WHMIS 1988 Classifications Database are taken from CCOHS’s CHEMINFO database, which provides comprehensive, summarized occupational health and safety information on chemicals. WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) is Canada’s workplace hazard communication system. The WHMIS 1988 classifications identify the regulated hazards of a chemical (e.g. acute toxicity, carcinogenicity, dangerously reactive).

Produced by CCOHS occupational health and safety specialists, CHEMINFO profiles provide a detailed evaluation of health, fire and reactivity hazards, as well as recommendations on topics such as handling and storage, personal protective equipment, accidental release, first aid, and hazard classifications. A detailed explanation of the WHMIS 1988 classification for a specific chemical along with a complete reference list is provided in the full CHEMINFO profile. Additional information on CHEMINFO, as well as a sample record, can be found here.

The CHEMINFO team relies on peer-reviewed, primary scientific data and quality reviews to determine the WHMIS 1988 classification of a chemical. Key original articles are analyzed to validate the scientific methods and conclusions and establish the overall, verifiable hazards of the chemical according to the criteria established in Health Canada’s Controlled Products Regulations. If very little information is available, we draw from our extensive experience in evaluating chemical hazards and make sound, documented extrapolations where feasible.

Database Highlights

  • WHMIS 1988 classification with the corresponding WHMIS symbols for over 700 pure chemicals.
  • WHMIS 1988 classified health effects are specifically identified (e.g. carcinogenicity, teratogenicity, eye irritation)
  • Search by chemical name, synonyms or CAS Registry number.
  • Ingredient disclosure requirements for Material Safety Data Sheets are declared.

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