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Health and Safety Committees and Representatives (Canada Labour Code) *Updated!*

Previously named "Health and Safety Committees in the Canadian Federal Jurisdiction"

Understand the roles & responsibilities of health and safety representatives and policy and work place health and safety committees under the Canada Labour Code, Part II.


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Updated March 2020 to incorporate amendments to the Canada Labour Code, Part II, the Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and the Policy Committees, Work Place Committees and Health and Safety Representatives Regulations effective January 2020.

The Canada Labour Code, Part II requires employers to provide health and safety training to members of policy committees, work place committees and health and safety representatives. This e-course can be used as a part of the required training.

The course provides a practical introduction to policy and work place health and safety committees and discusses the roles and responsibilities of representatives and committee members. It offers guidance on how to establish a new committee, effectively resolve health and safety concerns and recommend preventive measures to improve hazard control. The course will help health and safety committee members and representatives bring the "internal responsibility system" into practice and help meet training requirements specified in the Canada Labour Code, Part II.

Topics include:

  • Legal requirements
  • Roles of representatives and committee members
  • Committee structure and effectiveness
  • Resolving issues
  • Committee’s role in work refusals
  • Work place inspections and investigations

Upon completion of this course you will know about:

  • The purpose and duties of the health and safety representative, the workplace committee and the policy committee
  • Responding to work place health and safety concerns or recommendations
  • Conducting various types of work place inspections
  • Requirements for investigating and reporting on accidents and incidents
  • Participating in resolving internal complaints and work refusals

 Average time to complete this course is about 60 minutes.

Target Audience

  • Health and safety representatives
  • Work place and policy health and safety committee members in the Canadian federal jurisdiction
  • Human resources personnel, supervisors and managers


Canada Labour Code, Part II: An Overview