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Save with multi-seat licenses!

The more seats you buy the more you save.

A multi-seat license allows you to select course(s) for 100 or more users for a period of one year. The cost is based on the total number of seats purchased. You specify the course title and number of seats (users) and when the service is launched you enter the users names and assign them passwords. You can even track their learning experience using a few simple online reports!

Multi-seat pricing is based on the single user seat price (see course product page) with the following multi-seat discounts applied:

Total SeatsDiscount
100-499 25%
500-999 50%
1000+ 80%

Multi-seat discounts do not apply to:

  • WHMIS e-courses
  • Harassment and Violence Prevention e-courses (for Designated Recipients and Employers; for Employees; and for Managers and Committees/Representatives)
  • Psychological Health and Safety e-courses (for Employers; and for Workers)
  • Opioids e-courses (What Employers Need to Know; and What Workers Need to Know)
  • Health and Safety Awareness for Ontario Workers
  • Health and Safety Awareness for Ontario Supervisors

However, these courses count toward the total number of seats purchased, which may activate discounts on qualifying courses purchased at the same time.

Want more information? Contact CCOHS Client Services

Use the table below to determine how much you can save with Multi-seat Licenses.

Enter the no. of seats and the single seat price (see course product page) and the discount and total will be calculated for you.

  No. of Seats   Single-Seat Price   Subtotal   Multi-Seat Discount   TOTAL
Example: 100 × $49  =  $4900  −  1225  =  $3675
  × =     =  

Customization... If you are considering purchasing a large number of seats for your organization, why not consider having the course(s) customized to suit your health, safety and environmental needs.

Contact CCOHS Client Services to discuss ordering customized e-courses.

Discounts are calculated automatically when registering online.
Product pricing and availability are subject to change without notice.

All courses are also available in French!

See the French Course Listing for details.

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