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  Academic Support Program
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Welcome to the CCOHS Academic Support Program (ASP). As an ASP subscriber, you have access to the following databases and data collections:

  Academic Support Program

MSDS & FTSS More than 160,000 current Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs), in English and French, directly from suppliers and manufacturers.
CHEMINFO Detailed profiles of more than 1,300 important workplace chemicals, including health, fire and reactivity hazards and safe work practices.
HSELINE More than 175,000 citations on safety and industrial hazards, produced by the UK Health and Safety Executive.
OSHLINE(TM) with NIOSHTIC® This authoritative, up-to-date CCOHS bibliographic database, packaged together with NIOSHTIC®, covers more than 100 years of international OSH-related literature.
RTECS® Providing students with critical toxicological information with citations from more than 2,500 international journals, textbooks, technical reports, scientific proceedings and compendia.
CHEMINDEX CCOHS' free, convenient guide to information resources on over 200,000 chemicals.
INCHEM Thousands of searchable full-text documents on chemical risks and sound management of chemicals from international bodies, helping countries fulfil their commitments under the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) Agenda 21, Chapter 19.

Supplements to the Academic Support Program

Your institution may also have purchased access to some or all of the following products. If not, you will be prompted for a user name and password when you try to view search results.

Canadian enviroOSH Legislation More than 20,00 pages of legislation exactly as it appears in the original legal sources complete with illustrations, charts and high resolution graphics. The National collection includes the complete text of all Canadian jurisdictions, health, safety and environmental legislation, critical guidelines, and codes of practice. Regional collections include the federal legislation plus OSH and environmental legislation for specific regions in Canada. Choose from Ontario, Western Canada or Eastern Canada.
CISILO Created by the International Occupational Safety and Health Information Centre/ Centre international d'informations de sécurité et d'hygiène du travail (CIS) in Geneva Switzerland, CISILO complements the coverage that your institution has with OSHLINE(TM) with NIOSHTIC® and HSELINE. CISILO is a bibliographic database giving you access to over 50,000 international documents on occupational health and safety issues from 1974 to the present.
ILO Encyclopaedia The ILO Encyclopaedia provides comprehensive, timely and accurate coverage of the core and allied fields encompassing occupational health and safety. Especially useful to students in fields such as law, medicine, nursing, engineering, as well as safety professionals, this one-stop reference provides jargon-free answers to the most critical questions involving safety in the workplace.