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The Community

Help get the word out to your friends, family, neighbours, and social groups about the importance of being prepared, and knowing how to get reliable information about and during a pandemic.

Your public health department or local health authority will play a large role in keeping your community informed. Many local, provincial, and territorial governments have created pandemic plans as well. Decisions made by your local health officials may affect your faith groups, sports teams, schools, and workplaces. Be sure you contact your local authorities for information for your area and what steps you should take.

The tools and tips that we have listed for you in the "My Home" section will help your community be informed, be prepared, and stay as healthy as possible.

Tools for Everybody

Did you know?

While it seems simple, washing your hands the right way and at the right times, as well as taking a few other easy steps can make a big difference in slowing the spread of the virus. Don't forget to .

Communities can be ready too!
Many sports facilities, restaurants, theatres, and the many types of community or social groups (whether volunteer or paid) actually are, or operate similar to, a business. You may wish to read some of the documents about planning for a pandemic. Click here to see information about Keeping Workplaces Working!