Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
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Mental health

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Resource Type(s): Organization, Program/service, Research
«Chaire en gestion de la santÚ et de la sÚcuritÚ du travail (CGSST) »
Resource Type(s): Academic program, Research, Training and workshops
CN Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
Resource Type(s): Academic program, Research
Healthlink BC
Resource Type(s): Government agency, Inquiry service
Mental Health International
Resource Type(s): Policy & research, Website
Resource Type(s): Newsletter/magazine
OSH Answers
Resource Type(s): General resources, Inquiry service, Key link, Program/service
Psychological Harassment Information Association
Resource Type(s): Research, Support Group
UK National Work-Stress Network
Resource Type(s): Safety association, Support Group
Working Partners for an Alcohol-and Drug-Free-Workplace
Resource Type(s): Government agency, Support Group
Workplace bullying stops here!
Resource Type(s): Support Group, Union / labour