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Need to keep track of the changes occurring across Canadian health, safety and environmental legislation?

Compiled by legislative specialists using credible sources, the Canadian enviroOSH Legislation Service's Monthly Report is published during the first week of each month and includes the following for each jurisdiction:

  • Legislation in progress/proposed:
    • For Acts: updates on the status of current federal, provincial and territorial bills.
    • For Regulations: new regulations or proposed amendments to current regulations.
  • Amendments to legislation - Summarizes recent amendments that have been incorporated that month, with links so you can easily review the changes.
  • Repealed legislation - Lists documents that have been repealed and removed from the Service.
  • New documents - Highlights new legislation that has been added to the Service.
  • Standards information - Includes new, amended, reaffirmed, and withdrawn CSA Group standards and Canadian General Standards Board standards that are referenced in the Service.

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Sample Legislation Monthly Report

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