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Content / Use

What topics do your publications cover?

There are currently over a dozen titles in our popular Health and Safety Guide Series, as well as other publications on understanding material safety data sheets (MSDS), job safety analysis, and more. A complete list of CCOHS publications can be viewed at

What can I use these publications for?

The intent of CCOHS publications is to summarize available information on a given topic or occupation using non-technical language. They can be used to develop employee awareness about safe work practices to prevent risk of injury and illness. As well, the guides serve as a useful resource for training/awareness, posting in the workplace and answering questions on a technical subject in easy-to-understand terms.

Can I borrow them for review and return them if they do not answer questions on a topic?

Most CCOHS print publications are priced as low as $10 each plus shipping and handling. Because of this, we do not lend them for review and there is no return policy. The Table of Contents and sample pages for most of our titles can be viewed on our website to help you determine whether a publication is suitable for your work situation.

How often are your publications updated?

CCOHS publications are reviewed on a regular basis by CCOHS technical staff. Updates are made when there have been significant changes in the information available on the topic and the publication is then reprinted as a new edition number. If no changes are required after review, then the date included in the publication number does not change.

Who writes and reviews your publications?

Publications are written by CCOHS technical staff and external subject specialists. All publications go through two stages of rigorous review process. The publications are first reviewed by CCOHS staff for accuracy of information and presentation style. Subsequently each publication goes through a tripartite (Labour, Management, and Government) external review process.

I live in the USA. Are your publications relevant to my organization or are they specific to Canadians only?

The main focus of publications is to provide guidance for safe work practices that apply to work done in ANY country. In some situations, the health and safety legislation may require implementation of certain specific controls. For this information, readers should consult the OHS legislation applicable to their workplace.

In what languages are your publications available?

All CCOHS publications are available in both English and French. CCOHS has also worked in consultation/partnership with organizations to produce guides in other languages. For further information, contact CCOHS Client Services.

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Are your publications only available in print format?

All CCOHS publications are available in both print and electronic (pdf) format.

We would like to customize one of your publications specifically to our organization. Do you offer customization service? At what cost?

Yes, CCOHS can work with you on the customization of our Health and Safety Guides. Contact CCOHS Client Services to discuss details and cost.

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Pricing / Ordering

How do I place an order?

You can use the online order form, visit CCOHS’ secure online shopping centre, Shop@CCOHS, or contact CCOHS Client Services to place your order.

How are shipping/handling charges calculated?

CCOHS uses a base fee per order, and an additional “per guide” fee. Please see the chart for shipping and handling charges to your location.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Yes, quantity discounts are available when you purchase five (5) or more publications. Contact CCOHS Client Services for details.

I only want to purchase one (1) title – must I pay at the time of purchase?

Yes, prepayment is required on ALL orders under $50. CCOHS accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PO# or cheque.

Please contact CCOHS Client Services if you have further questions about these products and services.