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>Past Issues: 2005

Volume 3, Issue 11 - December 2005

In the News:  The Next Rung: Ladder Safety
Hazard Alerts:  NIOSH Issues New Recommendations For Contact Lens Wearers
OSH Answers:  Loose Cannons, Bullies And Tyrants Need Not Apply
Partner News:  Keeping Afloat on a Sea of Information: The Marine Inspectors' Bookshelf CD-ROMs
CCOHS News:  Canadians Speak Out On Occupational Disease

Volume 3, Issue 10 - October 2005

In the News:  Offices, Too, Need Safety Programs
Hazard Alerts:  Trash Trouble
OSH Answers:  Have A Seat - Safely, Comfortably, And Ergonomically
Partner News:  International Organization Aims To Promote OSH Best Practices Worldwide
CCOHS News:  New Safety E-Courses Address Electrical Hazards and the Basics of Personal Protective Equipment

Volume 3, Issue 9 - September 2005

In the News:  World Health Authorities Prepare For Influenza Season and Potential Pandemic
Hazard Alerts:  Thermal Metal Spray Poses Significant Health Hazard
OSH Answers:  The Nose Knows: Understanding The Health Reasons Behind Scent-Free Policies
Partner News:  October 24-30, 2005 is Canada's Healthy Workplace Week!
CCOHS News:  Safety E-Learning That's E-sy and E-ffective!

Volume 3, Issue 8 - August 2005

In the News:  Leading Respiratory Illness Linked to Occupational Exposures
Hazard Alerts:  Protect Yourself From The Elements
OSH Answers:  The Sting
Partner News:  Farm Workers To Be Protected by Ontario Occupational Safety Act
CCOHS News:  Serving Up Legislation - Nice N' Easy

Volume 3, Issue 7- July 2005

In the News:  Older, Wiser, And Taking Over The Workforce
Hazard Alerts:  Exploding Tires And Bear Scares
OSH Answers:  MRSA - Survival Of The Fittest?
Partner News:  Partnering To Prevent Accidents And Occupational Diseases In The Nanotechnology Field
CCOHS News:  Health And Safety Resource For Human Resources

Volume 3, Issue 6 - June 2005

In the News:  Catching Some Rays? Practice Sun Safety!
Hazard Alerts:  Return of the Pest
OSH Answers:  Handyman's Special: Safety Tips for Using Hammers, Saws, and Other Hand Tools
Partner News:  Safety is a Universal Language: Signs of the Times
CCOHS News:  First Aid Recommendations from CCOHS Updated

Volume 3, Issue 5 - May 2005

In the News:  KEEP IT DOWN! Noisy Workplaces Are A Health Hazard
Hazard Alerts:  Recent Job Fatalities Could Have Been Prevented
OSH Answers:  Watch Your Back!
Partner News:  Chemical Safety Authorities Launch Safety Website
CCOHS News:  E-course Addresses the Pain and Strain of Office Work

Volume 3, Issue 4 - April 2005

In the News:  Safeguarding against occupational cancer
Hazard Alerts:  Workers crushed by overhead hazards
OSH Answers:  No exposure, no occupational asthma
Partner News:  The ILO List of Occupational Diseases Under Review
CCOHS News:  Hardships of Heat: New Guide Offers Advice on Working in the Heat

Volume 3, Issue 3 - March 2005

In the News:  Latest Research Supports Prenatal Risks of Exposure to Organic Solvents
Hazard Alerts:  From Miners to Divers - Alerts Urge Use of Caution and Protection
OSH Answers:  Catch Your z's For Safety
Partner News:  Life ... or a Living? A History of Occupational Health and Safety in Canada
CCOHS News:  Prevention Strategies Emerge From Occupational Disease Forum

Volume 3, Issue 2 - February 2005

In the News:  Due Diligence - Why Is It Important?
Hazard Alerts:  Oil Storage Tank Explosions and Fires
OSH Answers:  Needlestick injuries still a health concern for healthcare workers
Partner News:  North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week
CCOHS News:  Health and safety committee training made easy

Volume 3, Issue 1 - January 2005

In the News:  On Thin Ice at Work?
Hazard Alerts:  Carbon Monoxide Can Harm The Unsuspecting
OSH Answers:  Survive The Winter Drive
Partner News:  Ontario Provides a Gateway to Workplace Information
CCOHS News:  New E-Course Teaches Workers to Work Safely With Hazardous Chemicals