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Each question is worth one (1) mark out of a total of 10.
Circle the correct answer.

  1. Ergonomics can be defined as the matching of the work environment to:
    • tools found in the workplace
    • instruments found in an orchestra
    • equipment found in a gym
    • people (or workers) in a workplace (including an orchestra)
    • all of the above
  2. Which of the following would increase the risk of a Repetitive Motion Injury?
    • static posture
    • highly repetitive motion
    • awkward posture
    • too large (or awkward) tool (or instrument)
    • all of the above
  3. Does your level of fitness have an impact on your potential for a Repetitive Motion Injury?
    • No
    • Yes
    • RMIs have no relationship to ergonomics, as they are musical terms
    • RMIs have no relationship to ergonomics, as they are sport terms
    • all of the above
  4. A workstation should be designed to fit:
    • the tallest worker you have
    • the shortest worker you have
    • only female workers
    • all of your workers
    • all of the above
  5. RMIs can occur at:
    • work
    • playing a musical instrument
    • home
    • sport training
    • all of the above
  6. Which of the following is not involved with workstation design:
    • clinical sign
    • body size
    • gender
    • left- or right-handedness
    • all of the above
  7. An ergonomically-designed tool would have:
    • handles that do not require bending of the wrist
    • heavy weight
    • a large amount of force required for use
    • a non-neutral wrist posture
    • all of the above
  8. A good workstation height for standing while making sandwiches is:
    • proper height for your shortest worker only
    • proper height for your tallest worker only
    • light work 10 to 15 cm below elbow level
    • heavy work 5 to 10 cm below elbow level
    • all of the above
  9. Ergonomic solutions to help reduce injuries at a checkout workstation could include:
    • dual scanners
    • all pieces of equipment within reasonable reaching distance
    • rest breaks to a different job in the store
    • anti-fatigue mats
    • all of the above
  10. What are some of the considerations or factors that should be looked at when assigning a task to a worker?
    • posture
    • time
    • repetition
    • vibration
    • all of the above