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Fast Food Restaurant Hazards

In this activity, learners are encouraged to think about potential hazards associated with working in a fast food restaurant.

Have students think about the following:

Recognition -
What types of things do I see?


Assessment -
What do I know about these things?
Are they hazards?


Control -
I am not sure about working around/with XX.
Maybe I should talk to my supervisor about it.


Some of the things the students might list include:

  • deep fryer, stove or burners; or large mixers (such as for dough)
  • walk-in refrigerators, or freezers
  • sharp objects such as knives or meat cutters
  • cleaning products
  • reaching for objects that are high on a shelf
  • lifting bags or pails that are heavy etc.
  • spills or liquids on the floor

What are the Potential Hazards?

Deep Fryer - burns from contact with hot oil.

Stove or Burners - burns from contact with hot surfaces on ranges and stoves, electric shock, flames or hot liquid spills, and trips and falls from open ranges and stove doors.

Dough Mixers - hand injuries from contact with rotating blades.

Walk in Refrigerators/Freezers - can become trapped in walk-in refrigerators and freezers. Condensation can cause the floors inside these places to become slippery.

Sharp Objects - hand and finger cuts from contact with blades.

Cleaning Products - use of cleaning products such as bleaches, oven cleaners, floor cleaners, stainless steel cleaners, and ammonia solutions may require use of rubber gloves. If there is a risk of splashing chemicals near the eyes, a face mask or goggles may be necessary.

Reaching for Objects that are High on a Shelf - muscle injury due to overstretching. The object may also fall on them while removing it from the shelf.

Lifting - muscle injury due to lifting heavy loads.

Spills or Liquids on the Floor - all spills or materials should be cleaned immediately to reduce the risk of a slip or fall.