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Health and Safety: Teaching Tools



  1. Worker: A person who is paid to perform work or supply a service, Employer: A person who employs one or more workers.
  2. Can be any one of the following: identify potential health and safety problems, conduct inspections, help assess the risk of workplace hazards, or follow up on suggestions made to employers.
  3. b) The right to stop everyone from working.
  4. Recognize - Learn what can be a hazard.

    Assess - Learn to ask yourself "is this situation okay? Do I need more information-

    Control - How can I stop this situation from being a hazard? For students, this answer can also be "ask someone for more information."
  5. This question is based on the class activity in the prevention section as well as the learner handout. Learner answers should be organized under the headings of "Recognize, Assess, and Control". Questions or steps may include:

    Recognize - Did the employer mention that I will receive safety training at my job? Did I see any equipment that I would need training for? Did I see warning signs, or a bulletin board for safety messages?

    Assessment - Talk to my parents about the job. Look for information (library, Internet) about the hazards of that job. Decide if I need more information from the employer about the hazards.

    Control - Confirm with the employer that there will be safety training. Decide if the hazards of the job are worth the money.