Occupational Health and Safety Specialist (Bilingual)File Reference Number: IC-072

Through its services and products, CCOHS advances health and safety in Canadian workplaces, and the physical and mental wellbeing of Canadians.

The Inquiries Service Unit provides a customer-friendly bilingual service to all those who contact CCOHS seeking service assistance for information in response to their questions on any occupational health and safety concern.

The Occupational Health and Safety Specialist (Bilingual) supports the planning and plan implementation of the Inquiries Service Unit and other relevant Project Teams by receiving and responding to inquiries related to health and safety concerns and by participating in projects as assigned.


  1. Receives questions relating to occupational health and safety. Clarifies their content, scope and background to ascertain the inquirer’s technical knowledge and information needs and the format of the response to the question. Ensures all pertinent information is recorded in the database. (30%)

  2. Responds to questions related to occupational health and safety issues. Identifies, retrieves and evaluates scientific and technical information and uses professional judgement in the preparation of responses to inquiries requiring her/his expertise. This includes occasions when specialist knowledge is required to provide authoritative advice and information when literature references and precedents do not exist. Communicates these technical concepts clearly. (30%)

  3. Participates in Project Team activities as assigned. This includes writing and editing e-courses, publications, OSH Answers, presentations and project reports. (15%)

  4. Reviews and approves the technical content of inquiry responses prepared by Inquiries staff, and ensures that the information is accurate and unbiased. (10%)

  5. Creates and maintains "reusable" information packages on a variety of health and safety topics (e.g. OSH Answers documents and packages of information). (10%)

  6. Other duties, as assigned, including representing CCOHS on assigned external initiatives. (5%)

Nature and Scope of Position

The position reports to the Manager, Inquiries Service Unit. The incumbent is a member of the Inquiries Service and also may serve in other Project Teams to which s/he is assigned. All work in planned and implemented under the direction of a Manager.


The incumbent has a sound knowledge of a range of occupational health and safety topics. The incumbent has the ability to research, analyze and assess technical issues in an in-depth manner in order to provide answers to occupational health and safety-related inquiries, as well as a broad knowledge of external information resources and the mandate and role of CCOHS. Excellent searching skills are required, as well as the knowledge of and the ability to choose the best starting points for searches on internal databases and/or Internet sources, as appropriate. Organizational skills are required to deal with the volume and variety of inquiries received.

The incumbent possesses good interviewing skills both oral and written, to work with other staff members and to deal with clients.

The incumbent works closely with members of the Inquiries Service Unit, and with other Project Teams as assigned. S/he must adjust to frequently changing priorities and deadlines, and notify the affected Project Team Leader(s) and Service Unit Manager(s) should time constraints or other challenges arise that require resolution.


The incumbent must use professional judgement, knowledge and experience when developing information products and answering inquiries. In some cases, knowledge on a particular subject is incomplete, inconclusive or contradictory. S/he must determine the most appropriate information to be included, the level of detail and the best approach to explain the concepts to the selected audience. S/he will often make these decisions in consultation with others, but often the final decision rests with the incumbent.


The incumbent is accountable for completing work agreed to and assigned daily.

The Inquiries Service Unit handles approximately 8,000 questions per year on a wide variety of occupational health and safety topics. Responses to questions are provided using a combination of information obtained through re-usables (documentation prepared to answer similar-type questions), publications, computerized information products including databases and full-text products on the World Wide Web. Questions are answered within prescribed standards of quality and response time. The incumbent is responsible for negotiating Clients information needs in the context of the services and mandate of CCOHS.

The incumbent is responsible for providing responses to clients. The incumbent is responsible for ensuring that the information received from clients is presented factually, confidentially and in an unbiased manner appropriate to a tripartite organization. The incumbent is also responsible for writing and editing e-courses, publications, OSH Answers, presentations and project reports as assigned.

Working Conditions

Physical Effort: The employee works at a computer (keyboarding and mousing to read and reply to e-mail, prepare reports, review information, etc.) for the majority of the work day. The work is interspersed with non-computer based activity, such as reading, proof-reading, photocopying, filing. The employee has some control over the workload and has the opportunity to get up, stretch, and walk on a regular basis. Some stooping and lifting (or handling of light material) may be required.

Physical Environment: There are frequent body position changes while on the telephone – accessing the computer, and writing. The employee works at a desk and/or a computer workstation with a keyboard and a mouse for the majority of the work day. The workstation and desk are ergonomically set up, with a wrist rest, mouse rest, document holder, task lamp, as required. The lighting meets standards and there are adjustable blinds on the windows as required. The building environmental controls meet general office requirements. Some risk of RMI due to intensity and duration of work unless safe work procedures outlined are followed.

Sensory Attention: Listening to inquirers attentively, concentration when preparing responses to inquiries and performing searches. The position requires concentration to compose, enter data, proof-read, quality assure, read routine information, communicate with others via e-mail, search for information and listen to others carefully. Listening to inquirers attentively, concentration when preparing responses to inquiries and performing searches.

Mental Stress: There is no control over the amount of work, as phones need to be answered; deadline pressures due to inquirers’ demands; there are frequent interruptions when working on inquiries. Must be “up” at all times when speaking with inquirers. There are priorities and deadlines which need to be met on a regular basis. There are interruptions from colleagues, supervisor or telephone calls. The employee has some control over the pace of work. Work may be repetitious.


  • Post-secondary degree in one of the Health Sciences with specialization in occupational health and safety. Four years’ experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Knowledge of chemistry and toxicology is desirable.
  • Working experience and ability to interview the public in an information setting, by telephone or in person, with courtesy, good judgment and tact.
  • Ability to analyze subjects and organize information resources.
  • Understanding of the organization and presentation of statistical information.
  • Experience using published and unpublished information resources.
  • Experience with web design and health and safety searching on the Internet.
  • Effective interpersonal skills and excellent ability to work in a team environment.
  • Excellent oral (public speaking) and written communication skills are required.
  • Ability to communicate in both official languages is essential.


Within the range of

$72,940 to $93,911 (CCOHS-09) per annum.

Permanent, full time

Application Deadline

Sunday, June 2, 2019

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Please send cover letter and resume to jobs@ccohs.ca.

Attach resume as an MS Word or PDF document.

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Note: All resumes are maintained confidential and are kept on file for a period of six months.

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